In situ investigation of organic thin film growth by solution processing:
- Drop-casting of small-molecule and polymer semiconductors.
- Spin-casting of polymers, molecules and polymer-molecule blends.
- Doctor-blading of polymers, molecules and polymer-molecule blends.
- Spin-casting of colloidal quantum dot thin films for electronics and PV applications.
- Solvent vapor annealing of small-molecule, polymer and blended films.

Solution-state control of organic semiconductor thin film structure and morphology:
- Directed self-assembly of polymers.
- Controlled phase separation of polymer-molecule blends.

Influence of grain and domain boundaries on carrier transport in organic field effect transistors:
- Vacuum-deposited thin films.
- Solution-cast polymers and thin films.
- Solution-cast polymer-molecule blends.

Implementation of spatially-resolved structural characterization of organic semiconductors:
- Direct micro-GIWAXS characterization of the channel and electrode in organic thin film transistors.
- Micro-GIWAXS mapping of patterned surfaces.
- Micro-GIWAXS mapping of solutions and their interfaces.

Influence of small-molecule acceptor design on photovoltaic response:
- Multi-scale structural and morphological investigation of bulk heterojunction solar cells.
- Investigation of donor-acceptor interfaces.

Additional projects:
Graphene oxide as transparent conducting electrode.
Ultrathin carbon layers with controlled sp3/sp2 for magnetic storage device applications.